Sacred Art

Bronze Sculpture

Monumental Sculpture

Wood Carving

...with movement and emotion.  Figurative forms in the bronze, terra-cotta, steel, wood, and stone, have a spirit of strength and energy that carries throughout the body of his work, reflecting sometimes even a deeper movement of the soul.

Sculptures by Alan Baughman IN BRONZE, STEEL, TERRA-Cotta, wood and stone are all infused...

“Art is not an imitation of life; it is more profound”     Okorokov

Sculptor Alan Baughman works on a wax model of a horse that will eventually be cast into bronze.

Light gives life.  This element and how it moves, shapes, and defines a sculpture stands in contrast to sculpture interested in only bare form.  How one works in the clay, wax, wood, or stone will have a direct effect on the finished surface which interacts with the immaterial quality of light.  And so one is always thinking about the end result.

Welded Steel

“The figure is the most potent vehicle for ideas.”   Neri